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Make new friends, find your tribe, share knowledge, and find inspirations! (data mining free).

About Us

"Body Mind Spirit Network" was created for the Holistic and Spiritual Community to help build strong connections around your deepest interests... what you love and care about the most.

It's the perfect place to make new friends, find or gather your tribe, share knowledge, and find inspiration!

Free from Data Mining, Algorithms and Programs used for gathering your personal information for corporate interest, sales, and marketing. 

Here it's just about us so you are free to just breath, connect and be with like-minded people that care about the same things you do! 

Why You Should Join

"Body Mind Spirit Network" helps you make meaningful connections with like-minded people who share your deepest interest by having a space that is just for you and co-created by you! 

If your highest Ideal is to express love toward yourself, other people, animals, and the planet, and you've consciously chosen to honor our sacred oneness by co-creating a better world for all then please join in, find or gather your tribe today and get inspired... Let's be this...

Penny Golden, Founder

A Big Thanks

A Big "Thanks" to the supporters and writers of the Body Mind Spirit Guide magazine, that for years have informed, helped and healed others through their services and articles. 

And to our many readers and fans, we look forward to getting to know you all even better on Body Mind Spirit Network.  

Body Mind Spirit Staff